high-protein paleo bar

grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free

est 2009

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not only do I love traceybars and look forward to starting every morning with one, i also appreciate it that my teenage daughter (who has a limited list of "acceptable" foods these days) has also put her stamp of approval on them...if you can pry one out of my hands, i'll even let you try before you buy.

lisa j.

nourishing, satisfying, delicious, and the finest ingredients...i adore traceybars for my entire family! only the best for us!

jackie m.

we love traceybars!...the bars are healthy, made with care and taste great. can't wait to try the traceybar bombs we ordered too.  thanks for doing it so well.

michael r.

can't start and end my day without a traceybar. bought a friend an order for her birthday and now she's hooked too!

maryann t.

OMG these truffles are freaking awesome and addictive. you are a genius!

ruthellen s.

i like to eat a high-protein diet and used to eat store bought protein bars.  i was always concerned with the amount of artificial ingredients they have and found they tasted like flavored cardboard. when i was introduced to traceybars i was pleasantly surprised to find an all natural bar containing the same amount of protein as a store bought bar. i switched to traceybars and have been hooked ever since! they are delicious, satisfying and help me get in my protein goal for the day, and, i like than i am nourishing my body with all natural ingredients.  i'm converted and will never go back!

kellie y.